gone backpacking

Gone Backpacking

Thank you for stopping by. 

I am currently attempting a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Follow me on Instagram and on YouTube.


But that's not why you came here, you came for a homecoming mum. Please visit the Find - A - Mum directory on Mums-inc.com to find a mum maker near you. I can recommend any of these professional mum makers to you. I have been a member of Mums, Inc since 2015 and a board member for one year. 

christy on the at
sophomore homecoming mum.jpg

Dream Mum

I offer a wide array of custom mum styles to suit most every taste. 

  • Junior mums for younger ladies needing a first mums have a smaller flower and shorter streamers and braids 

  • Classic mums in single, double and triple flowers. 

  • My favorites, Deluxe mums using a 10" flower in single, double or triple

  • And for the seniors, Quad, Sash and Texas

  • Finally, for the guys, single or triple garters. 

The mum of her dreams is a click away


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