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Breaking Tradition: A Modern Guide to Ordering A Homecoming Mum

Anyone can buy a mum from a boyfriend to a mom to yourself. Buy what you like and are comfortable wearing.
Breaking Tradition: A modern guide to ordering a homecoming mum

Homecoming season is upon us, and with it comes the age-old tradition of exchanging mums as a symbol of school spirit, friendship, and romantic connections. However, just like the times have changed, so have the unwritten rules that once governed homecoming mum purchases. In this updated guide, we'll explore the new guidelines that challenge the traditional norms, allowing for a more inclusive and personalized homecoming experience.

Breaking the Date Barrier

Gone are the days when only dates or boyfriends purchased homecoming mums. Today, anyone can buy a mum for anyone, even for themselves. The exclusivity of the past has given way to a more inclusive approach, emphasizing that homecoming is about celebrating connections of all kinds—whether they be romantic, platonic, familial or self-celebratory.

Customize According to Comfort

Traditionally, the rule was to have one flower for each grade. However, times have changed, and so have the expectations. Now, the guideline is simple: order what you are comfortable wearing. Not all seniors want to sport a large, four-flower quad, and that's perfectly okay. The focus has shifted from adhering to arbitrary grade-based norms to embracing individual preferences and comfort levels.

Save the Best for Last

One guideline that has stood the test of time is the tradition of saving the biggest and most elaborate homecoming mum for senior year. This symbolizes a rite of passage and is a special way for seniors to stand out during their last homecoming celebration. It's a tradition that adds a touch of nostalgia and sentimentality to the occasion.

Respect School Traditions

While breaking some traditional rules is encouraged, it's essential to remain mindful of your school's unique traditions. Some schools have seniors wearing white, while others opt for fashionable colors. Underclassmen typically wear school colors, maintaining a sense of unity and identity. Understanding and respecting these school-specific customs can enhance the overall homecoming experience.

Simple or Elaborate: It's Your Choice

When it comes to the level of intricacy in your homecoming mum, there are no hard and fast rules. Whether you prefer a simple, understated mum or an elaborate, eye-catching one, the decision is entirely up to the wearer. The key is to choose something that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident during the celebration.

As homecoming traditions evolve, so should our approach to ordering mums. The updated homecoming mum ordering guidelines emphasize inclusivity, individuality, and the importance of embracing change while still respecting the cherished traditions that make each school's homecoming unique. So, whether you're buying a mum for a friend, a partner, or yourself, let your choices reflect the modern spirit of homecoming and make this celebration truly yours. If you are ready to order your homecoming mum, you may start the process on the order page. If you'd like to see more examples of my work, take a scroll through the gallery. Lastly, if you'd like to talk to me about your homecoming mum before you place an order, email me and we'll talk.


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