Installment Payments 

Get the incredible homecoming mum that you really want and spread the payments out. This payment choice is totally free, no extra fees. 

To place an installment plan order:

  1. Choose the style and size homecoming mum you want. Go through the order form, making all custom selections and adding all options you want. 

  2. Add your order to the Shopping Bag. 

  3. Select "Installment Payment" at checkout

  4. Watch your email for your invoice

  5. Pay the 50% deposit immediately.

  6. Pay your balance at your convenience, but no later than 7 days before your homecoming.

  7. You will receive one email reminder to pay the balance.

  8. Balances that are paid after the seven-day window will incur the $25 Late Order Charge. 

  9. Mums with an outstanding balance on Monday before your homecoming will not be made. Your deposit, minus $25, will be refunded.