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Make Mum Changes

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New for 2024! This option is for those that have a mum they love and want to update.

Homecoming mums need to be dropped off in Lago Vista, as soon as possible but not less than 7 days before homecoming. Mums will be ready for pick up by Thursday before homecoming.

**Late orders are defined as being placed during the week of homecoming. IE Homecoming is on Friday and the order is being placed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.**

All homecoming mums made by me are automatically welcome. If you have a mum made by someone else, please contact me before ordering. I will ask for photos of the mum, front and back. If you are unsure, please contact me. Reasons I may not be able to take a mum is if it is beyond repair and reconstruction is needed, it is very dirty or removing items will damage the mum further. I will not be able to add a flower as that is done during initial construction.

Services that are being offered are:

  • name and grade change
  • add activity trinkets
  • add bling
  • limited repair on approval
  • add more braids, boas, ribbons, bulk up the crown backer, add to the flowers.
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