readymade homecoming mums

New for HoCo20!

Readymade Homecoming Mums and Garters

senior homecoming mum

Last minute happens

Readymade Mums and Garters to the rescue!

This year, I am introducing alReadymade mums and garters for three local-to-me schools, Lago Vista High School, Lake Travis High School and Liberty Hill High School. They are available for pickup on Thursday before your homecoming. The best thing about these mums is there is no late order charge! 

Readymade mums are simply premade mums that I have enjoyed designing for your shool. No two are alike. Included in the price of these mums is name, grade and trinkets representing your activity or sport. On some of the mums that will be with block sticker letters, custom cut letters, plastic trinkets or custom trinkets.

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