New for HoCo20!

Let's face it, 2020 has been a doozy of a year! For myself, the uncertainty of Covid19 and all that surrounds it has made me more determined to live in the moment and not put things off! I want to create memories through experiences, like hiking the Appalachian Trail. If nothing else, 2020 has taught me that nothing is promised!

For 2020, I want to create for you better, more beautiful mum experiences. I want to help you mark occasions like homecoming with an amazing homecoming or special occasion mum.

This year, I have changed up what I offer. To start, all of my custom mums will include some bling. And for my Lago Vista Vikings, I will have a limited number of premade mums for those folks that have to wait until the last minute to order. I have changed the names of my mums to better reflect what they are and who they are for.

  • The Junior Mum used to be Classic Traditional mums. It will only come in knee length size and is for sub high school students.

  • Classic Mums used to simply go by Single, Double or Triple mum. The name change reflects the current mum tastes.

  • Deluxe Mums are still Deluxe and are still made with huge 9.5" flowers!

  • Senior Mums are my Quad with four flowers and my best selling Sash mum.

  • I am only offering one garter size this year. (However, if you NEED a double, triple or quad garter, I can certainly make one for you. Contact me.) Garters will now be made with a bandana instead of hook and loop tape.

The biggest change for HoCo20 is Installment Payments. I tested it out last year and it worked like a charm! This way, you can get that amazing mum with all the bells and cut outs that you want and spread the purchase out over time. It is FREE. There is no extra charge to choose Installment Payments.

The way they work is that you choose your mum, fill out the online order form, click "Add to Bag" and proceed with checkout. When you get to payments, choose Installment Plan. Check your email in 24 hours. You will receive a Square Payments Invoice. Pay the deposit immediately. You will receive another email with the balance to be paid 7 days before your homecoming. To see the complete details visit the Installment Plan page.

And FINALLY, I have added some fun new colors to jazz up those senior mums! Rose gold and Pewter have been added to the popular fashion colors that I already carry!

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