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Is a Homecoming Mum Worth It?

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

A few years ago, a dad was sent to pick up a mum from me. Before he stepped out my door, he turned to me and asked, “Is it worth it?” I thought he was asking about ME, asking if all of my effort was worth the sleepless nights and chaos that is mum season. I can be clueless at times, particularly after long nights during mum season. As soon as he pulled away, I realized he was asking if the mum was worth the price he’d paid for it. If he were standing in front of me now, I’d say “Yes! It is!” It’s so much more than just a flower. I also know that what I charge may seem high for a thing that is worn one day. I’d like to take a few moments to account for the cost and value of a mum.

It's more than a flower and some ribbon

A homecoming mum is more than a one day fashion statement, it’s part of the fleeting memories of growing up. I have heard many comments from former customers about their mums hanging on their wall as part of the décor and how it reminds them of happy times. I

know women my age and older that still have their mums, along with their wedding dresses. They keep their mums because they help recall memories of old friends and school spirit.

Value is in the wallet of the beholder

Firstly, I would argue that ordering a mum from me is less expensive than buying supplies at a

craft store. A “base mum” at a craft store is $75. Add to that one ticket item, sticker letters, trinkets, chains, decorative ribbon, etc. and a glue gun if you don’t already own one and you’re spending $100 to $150 by the time you walk out of the craft store. This does not even factor in your time, effort and burned fingers.

Secondly, a mum from me is going to have elements that you will not

be able to buy at a craft store. Braids, cut outs, bows, bear uniforms ... all are hand-made by me. Every year, I spend countless hours, as well as money, learning and perfecting my craft to produce a unique product that lasts not just homecoming day and night, but for decades and is, above all, beautiful.

My prices are based on the value that you and I place on my experience and my design. Choosing a homecoming mum made by me means you value your own time, as well as high quality and striking design.

I have one last thing to say about choosing a Central Texas Spirit Wear homecoming mum. Based on conversations I have had with customers and remarks on orders, I know people choose my mums because they see my photos and like my designs. I am more than happy to accommodate special requests. Special requests give me an opportunity to develop new products and find new sources for materials. What I am not happy to do is to answer dozens of questions about materials and patterns, my sources and all of the little things that go into design. I am also not happy to make your design or another mum maker’s design. In other words, and to be blunt, please do not ask me to copy a mum or tell me where you want xyz placed. I assume you choose me because you like my designs and I expect you to trust me to design a beautiful homecoming mum.

Thanks for taking time to read this. I love this crazy mum tradition. There are hundreds of mum makers across this great state. It is not wasted on me that you chose me over someone else. My family and I are forever grateful.

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