Homecoming Mum and Garter Ordering Guidelines

Updated: May 22

If you are new to the homecoming mum tradition, it can be a little overwhelming. What size? How many flowers? Does it have to be a certain color?

Here are some time-honored, but not cut-in-stone, guidelines for ordering a homecoming mum or garter.

How many flowers?

A good rule of thumb is one flower per grade. One flower for freshmen and sub-high school kiddos, two flowers for sophomores, three for juniors and four for seniors. That said, choose what fits the young lady’s personality. Maybe she’s a senior, but she doesn’t want the huge quad. She may like a Deluxe Single or even a triple mum? Speaking of triple mums, many choose a triple mum to give to their steady girlfriend because of the heart shape.

What color should I order?

Traditionally, under classmen wear school colors, with seniors wearing white and silver or white and gold.

I do not recommend white for sub seniors, but fashion colors are fun and unique for any grade. Trendy colors are popular for seniors.

How big are these things?

I include this because I know it is a concern for some. You see some monstrously sized mums on the internet. The width will depend upon the size of the backer, Texas and Quad mums measure approximately 16" across. Deluxe mums use a ten inch flower, so singles and doubles will measure approximately 12" across, with triples measuring 20". Most of my mums have 36″ streamers. That is the cut length before they are attached to the mum backer. Once they are attached to the backers, they may measure 28-30″ from the bottom of the flower(s). Once the flower is added, with it’s backer, the total length could be 36 to 45” On an average height girl, it will reach her shins.

Who buys?