HoCo19 Mum Trends

I am excited to get Homecoming 2019 started! This year, I am seeing some super fun, gorgeous trends that I cannot wait to add to your mums and garters!

Lights and Go Big or Go Home! are still trending, while bears are being left off. HoCo19 will be all about making the mum as personal as possible.

Favorite colors

Make your mum your favorite color or add color accents in your favorite color or pattern. Trending colors are feminine coral, rose gold and light pink.

Monograms and school initials

In place of a bear, get a glittery, layered monogram or single initial.

Custom "trinkets"

I am seeing less and less of the craft store, plastic trinkets and more custom cut "trinkets" in glittery cardstock. Custom trinkets reflect more personal interests and tastes.