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Empowering Choices: Rethinking the Tradition of Homecoming Mums

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Every so often, I receive a message from a concerned mother that echoes a familiar sentiment, "I want to get my daughter a mum, but what if she is asked to homecoming?" It's a question that carries an air of uncertainty, and over time, I've come up with a few responses:

  1. Don't Wait and Hope: Avoid the last-minute scramble by not buying a mum initially. However, this approach hinges on the chance that no one asks your daughter to homecoming.

  2. Preemptive Mum Purchase: Take the initiative and buy your daughter a mum in advance. Inform the potential suitor that the mum is already covered, and he can either reimburse you or opt for a "pass" on making the purchase himself. Some parents have even split the cost in such cases.

  3. Double the Mums: In a stroke of luck, your daughter might end up with two mums – a situation any young lady would consider fortunate.

4. Now, here's an alternative perspective, let's call it answer number four, one I've often wanted to express: Buy Your Own D@m^ Mum! Pardon my French, but in the 21st century, isn't it time we teach our young women that they can pursue what they desire without relying on someone else, especially a boy, to fulfill their dreams? As a mother of three boys, I speak from experience.

Mums hold a significant place in the heart of Texas traditions, unique to our state. Generations of little girls dream about their senior mum, envisioning the perfect one. So, why leave it to chance or depend on a boy's mom to begrudgingly purchase the smallest, cheapest mum?

If a boy does ask your daughter to homecoming and wishes to buy her a mum, refer back to the earlier stock answers.

Exciting news! I offer installment payments. Check out the Installment Page for details or message me to get started. If you're ready to make your dream mum a reality, head to my online store.

Let's empower our young women to take charge of their desires, starting with their cherished homecoming mums.


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