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Buy Your Own Mum!

Updated: May 24, 2019

Once or twice a year, I get a message from a young lady's mama that will go something like this, "I want to get my daughter a mum, but what if she is asked to homecoming?" There are several answers to this question:

  1. Don't buy a mum and wait and then hope that you can get a last minute mum if no boy asks your daughter to homecoming.

  2. Buy your daughter a mum and tell the boy that you already bought one and he can either pay you or just get a "pass" on making the purchase himself. (I have had mamas split the cost of a mum in the case as well.)

  3. Your daughter gets two mums! Lucky girl!

I'd like to offer answer number Four. What I have really wanted to say each and every time is, Buy your own d@m^ mum! Excuse my French, but in the 21st Century shouldn't we be teaching our young women that if they want something they shouldn't be relying on a dumb boy (I can say this, I had three of 'em) to get the mum of her dreams?!

Mums are a time honored tradition in Texas. They are unique to our state. Little girls dream about their senior mum. Get the mum she wants! Buy your daughter a GREAT mum! Don't rely on some boy's mama to grudgingly buy your sweet girl the smallest, cheapest mum.

And if a boy does ask her to homecoming and wants to buy her a mum, refer to my stock answers above.

I am now offering installment payments. Please see the Installment Page for details, or shoot me a message and I will get you started. Or if you are ready to get your order started, go to my online store and place your dream mum order! Subscribe to my email list to get an exclusive coupon code and ordering reminders.

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