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Mum and Garter Packages and Individual Extras

This page is provided to help you better visualize the packages and extras that are listed on the order forms.

Each one of my packages or extras is easily added to your custom mum or garter order directly from the online order form.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a color chart of ribbon colors that I stock. Please note that these are stock images from my wholesaler. There will be color variances from your screen to real life.  

New! for 2019, Plush Mascots! This year, I am stocking a limited number of plush mascots. You may swap out your bear for a mascot or add a mascot to your school initials or monogram. 

Burlap Package

The rustic look is hot! Add burlap and pearls to your mum for a fabulous look! 

Classic Extras Package

This package is available on Classic and Supreme mums and combines my best selling extras in one convenient package, Lighted flower(s), boa and a Lil' Bit O' Bling!

 Feather Boas

Feather boas add volume and texture to any mum or garter. Adding this extra will add two boas to your mum or garter


Choose your level of sparkle and glitz.
Lil' Bit O' Bling adds diamond-like garland to your braids and scattered rhinestone accents. 
Lotta Bling adds diamond-like garland, glitter on your flower(s) and trinkets and rhinestone accents all over! 

Extra Bear

All Central Texas Spirit Wear mums and garters come with the choice of a bear of letters or monogram. This will add an extra bear to your mum or garter. 

Dressed Bear

Dress your bear to match your uniform or in a skirt or a little t-shirt with a simple school logo.  


Make Friday Night Lights that much brighter, add lights to your mum's flower(s), the skirt or both! 

Custom Cuts

My Custom Cuts Package adds style and sparkle to your mum. Available packages are (1) script name, team and grade (2) Custom lettering on your loops (3) Simple logo (4) monogram (5) Custom trinket set

Senior Package

Recognize senior year by adding this package to any mum or garter. Included are a grad cap, personal printed diploma, and extra senior trinkets. New for 2019 Custom Cut Senior "trinkets." These are precision cut, layered glittered cardstock.  

Custom Cowbell

Cowbells are the iconic sound of homecoming. 
Replace your small bell with this large, customized bell. I don't dampen the sound by gluing stuff on it, I use permanent adhesive vinyl to make a personal, custom logo, monogram or sports motif.  

Lighted Single Letter

Choose a single lighted letter to be the focal point of your mum. This choice is available on regular mums and deluxe mums. 

Ribbon Color Chart

Plush Mascots

Swap your bear out for a plush mascot or add one to your school initials or monogram