Junior Homecoming Mum

New for 2020

My junior homecoming mum is a perfect first mum for a younger student . It is designed with a 6.5" flower and 30" (cut length) streamers and braids. On a 5'4" person it will be approximately knee length. Light enough to be pinned to the shoulder, it can also be worn around the neck with a comfortable double-faced satin necktie. 

Included in this price:

  • (1) 6.5" white silk flower

  • bear or school initials

  • HOMECOMING loops with block lettering

  • flat name, team and grade ribbons

  • (2) braids with 2 bows each

  • bells, bling and trinkets

Upgrades can be added to your custom order directly from the order form. 

Frequently asked questions can be answered on the Terms page, you can also contact me with all questions and requests. 


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